The lighting design appears in the empty nest village

Today, there is more and more empty nest villages… They are old and without special features. Many lighting designers want to help the local people to build the Youth Hotels and aim to bring some flourishing for the village.

Now we see a reform of one project case in the Zhejiang home stay facility.It is called Grandfather House. It spent around one year to be finished.

How to make this reform?It’s a very big challenge for the lighting designer. Most of the house around this village is the mud house, it’s old, shabby,without vivid feature and with lower ceiling…

The designer chose one mud house to make reform. Firstly, it still will have to make sure keeping the whole original view when do the reform.

We chose a good view of the mud house and pull down one mud wall, the sun light will directly shine in the house. The first floor to be reformed as a public area. It’s important for the local people and the visitors who can go inside freely.

We think an idea and make the “room in room”structure by using the movable,light and transparent clapboard.That’s very convenient to be discharged when installed the other rooms.

Meanwhile, the rooms are installed the wheels and easily to be moved. It’s very funny for the whole space. People can play game and change the rooms position freely.

When the sun light shine in the clapboard, it will be a very amazing reflection between the movable rooms and the original mud walls.

We add the funny factors inside the old mud house and open for the visitors. When turn on the light inside the movable rooms, it looks very colorful and changeable. Sometime it bring a very passionate feeling around the old village.

Many parents bring their child to visit the “Grandfather House”, who can find the funny inside and have a very happy holiday.

The special lighting appears here, not only the supporting but also the main view.

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