Everyone will use their eyes to feel the food, feel the dining environment, feel the restaurant environment,in which is the inseparable relationship between food and light.

What’s good light? There is such a point: lights are silent sales people. Good light can enhance a good visual and help increasing the enjoyment of the restaurant, which will help to attract more customers coming for dinner . So how the light become the role as a sales people?  This requires us to think about how to use light to create the desired environmental before we do lighting design.

Nowadays, there are different kinds of design for restaurant space, and with different dining atmosphere. Here some experiences in the lighting design of dining spaces.

The difference in the design between the new style dining space and the traditional dining space : not for the basic needs of people eating, but the concept of culture is introduced into it, and lighting design is an important factor to achieve this goal. For this reason, when selecting light source and lighting fixtures, we should not only meet the lighting requirements of each application, but also consider other factors and use the lighting is coordinated with cuisine, flavor,grade, style and atmosphere.

The first part of the lighting designing for the dining space-we should clarify firstly the purpose of lighting design before choosing the lighting for dining space.  

  1. How to find the light solution which will help to improve the mood of customers and stimulate their interest in exploration?
    (To create a lighting environment that attracts customers).
  2. How to understand accent lighting and display lighting?
    (Make clear the dining environment or the lighting for goods around the environment).
  3. How to maintain the characteristics of natural light?
    (Natural light makes a better feeling in space).
  4. How use lights to adjust imperfect building space?
    ( To find the suitable light, such as LEDOUX full range).
  5. How to avoid glare light and make a comfortable feeling for diners?
  6. (To understand the basic lighting requirements for dining space).
  7. How to avoid the mediocre lighting?
  8. (To cooperate with different types of technology lighting).
  9. How to improve the configuration efficiency of lighting and reduce the lighting budget?
  10. ( Less light but good light. Recommend LEDOUX Yoda recessed spot range)

On the premise of clarifying the above purposes, there will be different design methods in the lighting design of dining space according to the needs.

01 Where will need the light?

We will analyze the dining space before designing. There Western restaurant,Buffet,Hot pot restaurant, and so on. Different restaurant with different lighting requirement. So to catch the feature to use the right light.

02How to use the natural light?

Natural light is always the best light.How to introduce natural light into the dining space, or using lighting design to create a natural light environment, so as to create a visual enjoyment that makes diners feel natural and comfortable? We need secondary reflection or indirect lighting to improve the environment.

03What’s the supplementary light?

About the lighting design of dinning space,some details also need be be displayed. For example, the stairs lighting and aisles lighting, the cabinet lighting, which are all displayed by supplementary light.

04How to understand the light and shadow?

There are many space design projects, who always consider the complementary relationship between light and the shadow.Except for fast food restaurant, most of dining space does not only aim to illuminate the whole space, but always use the existence of shadow which is precisely the symbol of the lighting level of catering space. By combining the light and  shadow which can improve the atmosphere of the restaurant.

05Why do the restaurant need good lighting?

Today, many people like to take a photos before they start to eat in the restaurant. If the delicious food is made from an good environmental and a good atmosphere in a restaurant which is using the good light design for a whole space. That would be included in their mobile for every diners and become part of the good promotion around the publicity.

There are a lot of lighting methods to create the space environment.Such as direct lighting, semi-direct lighting, indirect lighting and so on. On the other hand, Accent lights are mainly used for the space design details, which allows the light to focus on the places that need to be illuminated. For example, the tables in the dining room, we often use a chandelier to illuminate the table, so that become a detail to attract the attention of diners.

06How to control the glare light?

Glare control is the primary requirement of the space lighting design. See the light without the light that it means the lights are hidden in the whole light environment. That’s the glare control. If can control the glare light, your projects have succeed 60%.

But how to control glare effectively? It requires not only check the lights on the paper, but also to go to the projects scene to test the lighting fixtures for many times. 

How to chose the light design?

  1. The light design has to attract the attention of customers.
  2. The light design has to create the interest and drama of the display.
  3. The light design has to be a guide to customers.
  4. The light design has to be coordinated with plane layout and material application.
  5. The light design has to consider between the overall lighting environment and the key display area

And the important is the light design has to be a guide to customers. In order to meet the purpose of hospitality, the interior designers hope that the customers can arrive the right place according to the guiding route set by them. So this requires ingenious and guiding lighting design.

About the light design has to be coordinated with plane layout and material application.

It means we need to understand the reflection before installing the lighting fixtures. And we need to have a certain understanding of the materials and products used in the site before we can choose the appropriate lighting fixtures for installation. Keep in mind that the parameters of lighting are not parameters that can be directly applied to the actual environment. To achieve the ideal light design, we need to meet the actual needs of different lighting testing.

About the comparative data of the general light and accent light.The always has a group: 1:1,1:2,1:5,1:20 and so on. Of course, 1:20 is not often using.Even the French restaurant can’t be used the light ratio-1:20

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