The room design without overhead decorative lighting is becoming more and more popular.There is alighting design trend for hotel,clubs,residential and villas, most are use down lights, spotlights, line lights, reflective slot lights, track lights, magnetic track spot light as the main lighting.In recent years, the most commonly used by designers are line lights and magnetic spot lights.

Today we’d like to recommend a highly versatile magnetic track system which offers near-endless combinations for a host of applications. October 2019 — China lighting manufacturer Ledoux is pleased to announce the official launch of Modular 48V Track system into the European Market and around Asia market since Hong Kong International lighting fair 2019.

The versatile, 48V magnetic track rail system offers a myriad of configurations including a Linear LED, Night Light LED, as well as the addition of five other Modular Lighting Instruments spotlight :6W,10W,15W,20W,30W and suspended fixtures. Ledoux Modular 48v track system can be surface-mounted, suspended, or recessed, and comes in the following lengths for Liner: (243 mm), (483mm), (723mm) and (963mm). The track comes in black or white finishes.

The magnetic lamp firstly appeared in Italy and has been widely used in all over the world in recent years. it is composed of magnetic track and magnetic spot modular. At the beginning stage, the promotion scope of magnetic light was not common, mainly because the magnet strip inside the magnetic track is easy to be degaussed in the process of using. As a result, the magnetic light modular is easy to fall off, thus there are hidden dangers.However, in recent years, the magnetic light has been continuously improved the technology. In addition to the part with its own magnet, many manufacturers have also adopted extension card slots, so that the magnetic LIGHT has double insurance, so it has been tested and proved they are safe and vigorously promoted by lighting designers.

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