About Luminance(lm/m2) of Lighting

About Luminance(lm/m2) 

Firstly, we’d like to learn about the luminance at different ambience.

The luminance of the moon light is very lower,<1lx; And only 0.3lx to 0.5lx when was full moon.

Normally it’s around 3lx to 20lx of the road light. It’s 20lx under the road light. However,if it was 4~5metter distance from the road light or between the light, the luminance is less than 3lx. So the average luminance is weaker. Comparing to the expressway, the luminance has to reach 20lx to 30lx.

And the luminance of the indoor lighting require higher than the outdoor lighting. Normally, 200lx is used around in Europe and American house.
And comparing the working ambience, much higher luminance than the home. If in the reading, meeting or office working place, the luminance is around 500lx.Even some office need 1000lx to 2000lx.

Honestly, there always need higher luminance at morning to keep energy working status. It’s not good healthy to continue the higher luminance for a whole day. It’s suitable to maintain 500lx for the office,factory or the school, and some require lower 500lx for school.

Of course, if for some special place, it would require higher luminance. For example, there is some special visual focus job need around 1000lx;and even in the surgery area in hospital, it will need around 50000lx so that can see every detail of operation.

And all we know the luminance of natural light can reach above 50000lx, even the cloudy, the natural light at least at 5000lx.

The light effect the visual system

There is a very important function of the visual system-to see clearly. So that’s why people need the light. We need light to read, to write, to identify when communicating…

Meanwhile, the light have a very important role in the working place.We need comfortable light at home and energy light in office.There is a story about light. One very capable employee visited one company and found the place is with very strong and not comfortable light in the office. She refused to work for the company because she didn’t like the whole working ambience.

So that’s why some company is willing to spent amount of money on the lighting design and the furniture decoration. Their aim to make a comfortable and energy ambience for workers. People is more prefer to work in such good place and have a wonderful,happy,and comfortable visual feeling.