Aging test of led lighting

Ensure the safe condition ,by connecting each finished led lighting fixtures under be off power;

  1. To inspect all the items including the electrical parts and LED, the aging machine have to be adjusted as below:
  2. Turn to 212V~50Hz, doing aging test 15min, and each 3 seconds to do High-pot test 8-10times and no problem;
  3. Turn to 170v~50Hz,doing aging test 15min, and each 3 seconds to do High-pot test 8-10times and no problem;

Ensure the reliable lifetime test for the whole lighting, turning to normal power 200V~50Hz;

(To sampling one piece of new products to do long time aging test and make reports for each 1000hrs until the light burn out)To sampling the finished lighting to do the normal voltage test, low voltage test, high voltage test and mark each status and make reports;

The QC have to do routing inspection for every 30min during the aging testing, who will pick up the failure products, including the flicking, burn-out, different color temperature,wrong color temperature, etc. All the failure products will be marked. If the failure rate is more than 1%, then will be stopped to produce and check the problems. Meanwhile, we will ask for the supplier to analyze together if the drivers and LED have problem. And then solve in time.

To to the temperature test during aging test.  The real test result of the Tc of the electrical parts should be less than the printed Tc which is on the driver; The temperatureof LED on the PCB should be less than 75℃; The temperature of LED on the flexible strip should be less than 70℃;The temperature of the naked LED should be less than 75℃;

About the KD lighting fixtures, the LED and the electrical parts have to be separated and do the aging test.The first part is to fix the electrical parts on the aging rackand then connect the LED to do aging test together; After that, we have to assemble the whole fixture for the KD lighting fixtures and then sampling above one piece to to aging test again;

There are movable aging test rack and non-movable aging test rack. Now we show the non-movable aging test rack as photos;

Ensure be off the power and cut-off  all the electrical connection when the machine isn’t working;