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The room design without overhead decorative lighting is becoming more and more popular.There is alighting design trend for hotel,clubs,residential and villas, most are use down lights, spotlights, line lights, reflective slot lights, track lights, magnetic track spot light as the main lighting.In recent years, the most commonly used by designers are line lights and magnetic […]

Everyone will use their eyes to feel the food, feel the dining environment, feel the restaurant environment,in which is the inseparable relationship between food and light. What’s good light? There is such a point: lights are silent sales people. Good light can enhance a good visual and help increasing the enjoyment of the restaurant, which […]

Ledoux will attend HK International Lighting Fair 2019 Autumn Edition in Hongkong from October 27th to 30th, welcome to visit our booth and look forward to sharing with you our amazing new innovative lighting solutions for retail and hotel. Booth No: 1B-E43 Date: Oct. 27th-30th, 2019 Welcome to visit and talk with us!

During these years, there is more and more demand about led track light for the new architecture and interior design. Why? You know track lights are installed on ceiling and walls in locations that demand performance and adjust ability. It’s very easy to adjust lights to match rearranged furniture, which help to focus light on […]

Do you get the idea how much to get recessed lighting installed before purchase all the recessed spot light for the architectural projects? Some cost will be involved with the installation of the down light are: Fee of the installing downlights by an electrician Fee of the wiring lights into the ceiling per light; Fee […]

I believe everyone had the experience that, when passing by a store, went into it involuntarily; or just wanted to look around in the store, but bought a lot. Many people don’t know the reason, and they maybe realize after consumption: Is the product in the store really so good? Are these shops really so […]

The lighting design appears in the empty nest village Today, there is more and more empty nest villages… They are old and without special features. Many lighting designers want to help the local people to build the Youth Hotels and aim to bring some flourishing for the village. Now we see a reform of one […]

Today,here like to recommend one of  popular LED wall light for the interior design. Everyone likes the beautiful things and pursue the perfect as much as they can.And home is one of the best place who wants to have more beautiful and perfect things around it. With the inspiration, our designer wants to make a […]

Ledoux light-About the three phase of track spot light It’s very common in retail shops,museum and show rooms to use the track spot light, because the feature of easy and flexible to install the track spot light. However, do you know there are many kinds of track adapter and with different usage. If you can have the […]