18Jan 2019

Today,here like to recommend one of  popular LED wall light for the interior design. Everyone likes the beautiful things and pursue the perfect as much as they can.And home is one of the best place who wants to have more beautiful and perfect things around it. With the inspiration, our designer wants to make a […]

18Jan 2019

Ledoux light-About the three phase of track spot light It’s very common in retail shops,museum and show rooms to use the track spot light, because the feature of easy and flexible to install the track spot light. However, do you know there are many kinds of track adapter and with different usage. If you can have the […]

14Dec 2018

To capture the Italian lighting design,most of lighting designer would like to visit the Euroluce Lighting fair.Meanwhile, it’s very good thing to visit the lighting shops around the market of Milan. Today we’d like to share the lighting design we met around the shops in Milan. It’s very amazing design in one shops, which are installed […]

14Nov 2018

The world’s longest cross sea bridge, the Hong Kong-Zhu hai-Macao Bridge, in Zhuhai city, that connects the east and west sides of the Pearl River Delta in South China officially open on Tuesday Oct,2018.It cost 100 billion and with 55km which consists of a Main Bridge in Mainland waters together with the boundary crossing facilities […]

14Oct 2018

The shopping malls always are the city’s economic standing. This means the best shopping malls are built on the city, the best the economic of the city. Therefore, the best shopping malls always can attract much more customer for shopping. When walking on the brilliant passageway, some people would want to know what wattage light […]