16Sep 2018

Let’s talk about the creative brand- LEGO, original from Denmark , the designer was Ole Kirk Christiansen who made the brand “LEGO”. The meaning in Danish is “ leg” and  “ godt”, and combination is  “play well”. Today, let’s study the high quality of the brand “LEGO” what lighting design does their stores used. 1 The […]

02Jul 2018

Retail spaces, especially when they form part of a retail chain, must also be designed to draw people into the space to shop. Lighting can have a dramatic impact on the space. It needs to be functional but also complement the merchandise as well as emphasize key points throughout the store. The lighting should be layered […]

25Jun 2018

One led track light provid to lighting area around 2.6M*1.2M. One led track light total could lighting the two model in the showcase. Normally, it will need more higher wattage to have similar lighting effect if use more wider beam angle track light. Also the wall will have more wider dark space when lighted in […]

22Jun 2018

The basic factor to make special ambience for the indoor lighting design, however, the mainly is to provide the space lighting.Original the natural light and combining the lighting with bright and dark design, which create comfortable and elegant ambience. That’s why people pay more and more attention on the lighting design. Here we’d like to […]

28May 2018

About Luminance(lm/m2)  Firstly, we’d like to learn about the luminance at different ambience. The luminance of the moon light is very lower,<1lx; And only 0.3lx to 0.5lx when was full moon. Normally it’s around 3lx to 20lx of the road light. It’s 20lx under the road light. However,if it was 4~5metter distance from the road […]

16Apr 2018

Ensure the safe condition ,by connecting each finished led lighting fixtures under be off power; To inspect all the items including the electrical parts and LED, the aging machine have to be adjusted as below: Turn to 212V~50Hz, doing aging test 15min, and each 3 seconds to do High-pot test 8-10times and no problem; Turn […]