Clothes shop’s show case lighting engineering design

One led track light provid to lighting area around 2.6M*1.2M. One led track light total could lighting the two model in the showcase.

Normally, it will need more higher wattage to have similar lighting effect if use more wider beam angle track light. Also the wall will have more wider dark space when lighted in higher wattage light. This not nice also have glare question. And will caused bad influence such as reduce the customer’s consuming desires who coming into the shops then leave soon.

Ra 94 and R9 75

The lighting’s colour is important for a lighting.

The left track light with 3000K Ra95, the right track light with 3500K Ra80

Both two model with same material and color neck scarf and same white T-shirts and blue cowboy.

We can see that the red color scarf on left model with more noble and high-end feeling. The green scarf on right model looks more fresh and more vitality. The white T-shirt on left model looks more pure white and spotless white.

Triac dimmable or dim to warm function or DALI dimmable function led spot light will be highly demanded in retail shop design. In summer people always like light color clothes such as shadow yellow and shadow blue white. In winter people always like brown grey dark color overcoat.

Each year have four season such as Spring Summer Autumn Winter, a shop will exibition different color fabric and design clothing.

How to use one light to show Spring and winter’s different clothing?

A triac dimmable led spot light or a dim to warm led spot light could meet all demand. As it can adjust to different color Temperature and different Ra.