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Slide OVER 14 YEARS R&D EXPERIENCE IN LED COMMERCIAL LIGHTING INDUSTRY. Successful experience in project management for international brands, like Zumtobel, Cooper. Win Hongkong International Lighting Products Award. = LUMINAIRE CUSTOMIZATION Over the years, LEDOUX have taken hundreds of custom luminaries from initial concept to completed design. We are able to refine and edit the design to match the customers’ project and budget through iterative computer models, simulations and prototypes. We bring the lighting technology. You bring the creativity. Together, we can make something unbelievable. = PROJECT MANAGEMENT We take time to understand and engage with our clients design brief and provide dynamic project solutions. With a well-connected global network and comprehensive project management skills, you can trust LEDOUX to deliver outstanding lighting customization services. OEM FLOW CHART Customized Products Requirement Ledoux R&D Team Evaluation Quotation Offered by ledoux New Product Prototype New Product Improvement New Product Confirmation > > 5-7 DAYS 7-15 DAYS CASE STUDY Downlight Customization Request for Shanghai Star Global Port: 1.Ceiling Height: Around 12 Meters 2.Lumen Output: >8000lm (3000K); Beam Angle: 15° 3.Downlight Cutout: < 180mm; Height: <200mm Thermal Conductivity, W/mk Al Cu Superconductor 237W/mK 401W/mK 300,000W/mK Solution: Through comparing between different materials, superconductor with 300,000W/MK is adopted, which can give the best function of heat dissipation. Key Point: Solve the heat dissipation

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