Following the Italian lighting design trend

To capture the Italian lighting design,most of lighting designer would like to visit the Euroluce Lighting fair.Meanwhile, it’s very good thing to visit the lighting shops around the market of Milan. Today we’d like to share the lighting design we met around the shops in Milan.

It’s very amazing design in one shops, which are installed the round shade acrylic lighting. They displayed with by gradient shade.

If think the famous brand of lighting- Flos will have brilliant shops, then you are wrong.We were looking for a long time and didn’t find the gate of Flos. Instead, we find it at a very narrow alley. However, when we go inside Flos, it’s with feeling forever amazing.

The shops of Flos with simple design, the decoration of the whole space is very uniform from the ceiling and middle till the floor.

We can see the popular low voltage magnetic track light in the FLOS shop, only using two boards with tracks and very good display the function and the feature of the track light.

And the middle of the showroom, can see the line light, flexible and light, which are like the fairy.

When focus the ceiling of the round shade spot light, they have very good function of the anti-glare.

“See no light” is the high level in the lighting design area. So we can see the more miniaturization lighting fixture display in FLOS sample room. Since 1962, FLOS had been cooperated with many fashion designers and devoted into the home and lighting design and famous for its innovation, diversification and funny factor included in the whole decoration space.

We can see many application were used the FLOS design, including the franchise chain store, the church,art gallery,restaurant,hotels and villa, etc.And most for the home lighting design. The below photos is the S1 hotel of Thailand which from FLOS design.

Meanwhile,Flos launches many mini elegant magnetic track spot light, combining various installation ways, including line lights,spot lights,pendant lights, etc. And they can be working by group and movable by using the APP or control board of the intelligent system.