How do you get the design about the lighting of the Internet Coffee shop?

How do you get the design about the lighting of the Internet Coffee shop?

Today more and more Internet shops rush into the market because the booming of the social software platform. Now we’d like to introduced the best beautiful Coffee shop for you -AFP KAFF.

This coffee shop is with the modern simple style and sets up around the corner of the old residential area.

As an lighting designer, we have very sensitive about the lighting design of this coffee shop. During the night time, at the end of the alley, we can see a white house around the warm lighting. Comparing the day time, it’s another taste of the warm style.The next, we’d like to have a look around the lighting design of this coffee shop.

▲APF KAFE-Above plan show the whole lighting arrangement

Gate of the coffee shop

In order to make a comfortable feeling, the color temperature of the lighting maintain around 2500k for the whole coffee shop.

And the logo of the left gate, by using the backlit and diffuse lighting. As a result, it creates the sense of volume.A Warm House appear…

But turn to the right side, it’s very disappointed about the brand logo. They use the underground spot light to deliver the light on the wall. However, the worse shadow happen on the letter.We don’t know if it’s the designer’s thinking to capture the customer. The result is people can’t read the letter. Honestly, it’s a bad part of the lighting design of this coffee shop.

See the brand logo above the underground lighting▲

When we enter into the order area, the order board is displayed on the line light. And the menu bar is reflected by the line light. It should be the feature of the lighting design, however, the light is no uniform and it’s too dark for the bottom part to see the menu clearly.

The top part is bright, the bottom is dark

And it’s not bad for suspending spot light in the order area.However, the track lights, as the function light, they deliver the light from the back side, that will make a bad shadow on the customer.

We can compare the luminance of the coffee shop with the below color rendering index.

▲The lighting performance of the order area

By the instrument testing, the luminance of the order area is 261 lx. It can meet the lighting design standard of coffee shop. The RA is 91, and the special R9 is 49. All create a vivid quality for the food.Customer will become more appetizing…

When enter the dinning area, there is much more kind of lighting for different application.

▲The left part is leisure area.

▲The right part is more private area.

We can see the right part with very simple and very comfortable sense by use the the front wash wall light and the modern floor light. However, it seems the luminance is very lower, it’s only52 lx by instrument testing.

The lighting performance of the private area

Comparing the left part of the dinner area, it’s more bright.This part use the small beam angle recessed down light and the track spot light to be as the basic lighting, which make sure the clear and bright space.

Testing as below data sheet. The luminance of this area has reached 152 lux. It meets the requirement of the lighting design standard of the coffee shop.

However, there is a little defect there is dot of light.It reduce the whole aesthetics of the lighting design.

And there is another defect- the display cabinet. It only use one adjustable recessed down light to deliver light. It’s no any highlight for the goods display.You can see this cabinet have their brand name cups, brand name tissue, honer certificate, etc. If no the accent light to deliver on the related goods, then it call failure promotion.

Ledoux Opinion—-


To maintain a good ambience for the whole space;
To make a distinct lighting distribution with good layering and better ascendant light;
Focus on the light quality and with vivid colour rendering.

The LOGO of the front gate with bad lighting effect and do not emphasizethe Name of the company name;
The light is not uniform on the menu;
The display cabinet of the gate without the accent lighting;