How to save cost to purchase the recessed spot light?

Do you get the idea how much to get recessed lighting installed before purchase all the recessed spot light for the architectural projects?

Some cost will be involved with the installation of the down light are:

  1. Fee of the installing downlights by an electrician
  2. Fee of the wiring lights into the ceiling per light;
  3. Fee of moving around any obstacles(heating ducts,joists,other wires) per light

Here we want to recommend one of our new range of recessed spot light for your reference.

LEDOUX represents the achievement of a truly unique level of flexibility for YODA SPOTS. The downlight offers the right solution for every requirement with thousands combination possibilities. Two version LED engines,two color housing,three different beam angle,five color baffle,three different optics accessories. If want to test, welcome all of the lighting designers and architects to have our sample packing and try to checking with your projects. Believe you will love this recessed led spot range.

With the blow a total IM of YODA spot light, you will see with the optional installation accessories, Trim Frame A, Trimless Frame A and Trimless Frame B. They are with the magnetic system, which will help to install directly the fixed 6w spot light and fixed 10w spot light, also the adjustable 6w spot light and adjustable 10w spot light.

No matter for the hotel projects, villas projects, museum projects, YODA spot light will be for wallwasher,flood light,round fixed light,accent light. There has never been more freedom for professional lighting design using a single luminaire.

So when you want to replace one of YODA spot light, just take out from the magnetic system frame and install the other version of YODA spot light. Or think about if have the broken light, also just take out from the magnetic system frame, and then change a new one YODA spot light on it. No need to pay extra cost for the electrician.