The four rules of the indoor lighting design

The basic factor to make special ambience for the indoor lighting design, however, the mainly is to provide the space lighting.Original the natural light and combining the lighting with bright and dark design, which create comfortable and elegant ambience. That’s why people pay more and more attention on the lighting design. Here we’d like to introduce four rules of the in lighting design.

1 Safety

The indoor areas where the people mainly do activities, so the safety is very important. That’s why require serious lighting design instruction and according to the standard of construction , including the anti-electric shock and anti-short circuit, etc. Which will help to avoid the accident.

2. Reasonable

The lighting design require reasonable arrangement but not the more is good.In order to combine with the visual and aesthetic, the lighting design maximize the value of utility and appreciation, which will help to reducing the lighting pollution and protect the health for people.

3 Functionality

The lighting design is according to the functionality. To chose the different installation and different lighting style to match different space and subjects, which have to make sure the reasonable illuminance and brightness.For example, the living rooms require uniform light and anti-glare and avoid the dark spot, it will use the vertical lighting; And the for the indoor display,normally use the strong accent light to focus special subjects, the brightness is 3-5 times higher than the normal lighting fixture.


The lighting fixture is not only for the illuminating, but also for the indoor decorating, which will combine the factor of design style, the material, the color and the size. By controlling the illumination and using different lens optics, which match various design style and the ambience and add more colorful point for people.

The skills to chose the indoor lighting fixtures.

1.Make sure the illuminance for: living room, the bedroom,the studying room,the lobby, the kitchen room, the corridor, the balcony, the toilet, etc., which have to use the different reasonable illuminance.

2.Reasonable arrangement: different space and design style and with different lighting fixture.

3.Pay attention about the color of lighting: Different color representative different character, which can deliver different feeling. People will have different feedback when they live in the space accordingly.