The skillful Lighting knowledge helps great changes for the shopping mall

The shopping malls always are the city’s economic standing. This means the best shopping malls are built on the city, the best the economic of the city. Therefore, the best shopping malls always can attract much more customer for shopping.

When walking on the brilliant passageway, some people would want to know what wattage light on the ceiling and what color temperature would be better. There is not a standard answer. Different design style with different lighting design for shopping malls.Anyway, we’d like to recommend the below skills of the lighting knowledge. It helps for lighting design for different ambience in the shopping mall.


Firstly, to draw a general plan for the lighting arrangement.

As the shopping mall, its aims to help the inside shops have a good feedback from the customers. Therefore, the illuminance of the clothing shops should be higher than the passageway of the shopping mall.

The illuminance 200 lx to 500 lx , which is enough for the passageway of the shopping malls. If the ceiling is high and wide of the passageway, then it fixes the bigger wattage lighting fixtures;if the ceiling is low and narrow of the passageway, then it fixes the smaller wattage lighting fixture.

For instance, you can see this passageway of shopping mall. The lighting on the ceiling it too brilliant to pay more attention the inside shops. It’s a failed project case which didn’t carry out its function to help the inside shops to capture customers. Instead, it’s like a myriad stars surround the moon. The way of doing this ceiling lighting design seems to be a reversal of the order of host and guest.


In order to increasing the guidance, The lighting design of the passageway always to reduce a little illuminance.

The below two photos of the lighting design of the ceiling for comparing. The old design with many recessed down lights on the ceiling, like a stars in the sky to attract the customers; Turn to the reform design, the recessed down lights are decreasing, instead, it added the light trough as guidance.

Although the illuminance is lower totally, but the whole space achieve a wide,simple and clear level, which helps to much more attraction to the inside shops.

Coming the next two photos of the lighting design of the atrium space. The old design with 2 meters width of passageway, it looks very narrow.

If adding two arrays of recessed down light, the inside shops will become the supporting parts. Turn to the photos of reform design. The ceiling down lights was a little of change of the arrangement. It’s only a small money of the investment, however, the whole design of the space have another style and reach another high level. And the total wattage was reducing. The owner of the shopping mall was very satisfy with this change.

Color temperature

How to select the color temperature for the passageway of shopping malls? It has to be made the solution according to the whole building’s environment. The designer have consider: what materials will be used for the building? The relationship between the building environment and the natural light;The height between the passageway and the ceiling, etc.

Generally speaking, the illuminance is not high for the public areas, it’s around 200 lx to 500 lx. So we can use the low color temperature lighting fixture for these areas. It’s around 3000K-4000K,coming with the comfortable feeling.

3000k or 4000k? Then finally to view the whole ambience of the space. The next photos is suitable for the 3000K-3500K.

The below one suitable for the 3500K-4000K.

The below photo is the atrium space.The color rendering looks not good, however, the color temperature is proper. The whole design of the decoration of the shopping malls is modern, and mainly color is white, so the better color temperature is 4000K.

When you are shopping around in the shopping malls, you can use the above knowledge and pay attention the light design.