What lighting does LEGO use?

Let’s talk about the creative brand- LEGO, original from Denmark , the designer was Ole Kirk Christiansen who made the brand “LEGO”. The meaning in Danish is “ leg” and  “ godt”, and combination is  “play well”.

Today, let’s study the high quality of the brand “LEGO” what lighting design does their stores used.

1 The overall of lighting

The main illumination is the track light and the down lights. The three spots in the center position which deliver very soft light and adding the third dimension for the whole space.And meanwhile, it helps to reducing the intense feeling of the many spots on the ceiling. Also the warm light makes the comfortable ambience.

The spot lighting with honeycomb makes a very good anti-glare. And the adjustable spot light can provide optional of different lighting direction.

2 Gate

The logo above the gate is easy to be saw by the customers when visit their shops. You can see the back light makes the LOGO more easy to be recognized. However, there is some deficiency. By viewing the top of ceiling of the gate, you can see very clear dark spot. And the poster is less lighting and looks not perky…

And there are models of the train and five of beauty.However, we are scared to see the face of the five beauty.Are they ugly or not enough illumination?

But we can see the parameter of the illumination, it’s ok. Why? The reason is the wrong arrangement of the models and the spot lights. The spot lights are installed vertically above the models, and the dart spot stay in the hair of the models. And the face are shrouded by the shadow, they eyes looks like the black hole. All the lighting design made the uncomfortable ambience…

The model of train is displayed at the left side of the gate. You can see the inside light on the train is better than to see it from outside. So it’s not a good to attract the outside customers to come inside for visiting.

Another is the right of the gate. You can see a painting which are made by many piece of “lego”blocks. It’s a night scene of the Guagnzhou, meaning “lego” with infinite creativity.However, there is a defect of this painting. The lighting on this painting is not the right position. As this result, the whole painting is not any bright and not vivid…

Some advisement of the lighting design improvement of the lego stores

1.To use the track washing spots light for the special zone

Advantage: the track washing spot lights with the suitable beam angle and installed the right distance, which can be reduced the shadow on the wall.

2、 How to improve the lighting desgin for the display cabinet?

To use the mini size of lighting fixture in the display cabinet, which will help to make the goods more vivid and value.

  1. To use the High CRI lighting fixture

“Lego” shops display colorful goods and attract the customer. However, the dull CRI can’t reflect the vivid and interested products. If change the high CRI lighting fixtures, then can make the goods more vivid and attractive.

  1. To adjust the beam angle of the lighting fixtures and re-arrange the position of the goods accordingly.

The models of the gate and the lighting fixtures should be arranged the right position.

The new retail lighting design should be involve the feature of goods and the quality, which will help to attract more customers to visit and buy the goods. So Logo shops with the aim to improve the experiences of customers, not only promote the goods but also pay more attention of the lighting design and deliver on the goods perfectly.