48V Magnetic LED Track Light DC.TS0103-T2

Modular Magnetic LED Track Lighting System 48V combines ornamented aesthetics with a multitude of configuration options and effortless installation. The outcome is an ecosystem of quality components perfect for spaces where constant flexibility and high performance are required.

Features of LED Magnetic Track Light

  • 轨道采用磁铁,无需工具即可移动或重新定位灯具和灯带。
  • 不同的光模块,斑点, 线性灯垂饰可用于重点照明、普通照明和装饰照明。
  • 高国际广播电台(China Radio International的缩写)值>90;可供选择瓦数范围很广色温波束角度.
  • 简约而优雅,得益于广泛的表面选择和特别广泛的尺寸范围,它提供了无尽的组合。
  • 控制为开/关或者达利

Video of LED Magnetic Track Light

Product Details of LED Magnetic Track Light