How to Choose track rail?

According to the number of conductive copper wires inside the track rail, it can be divided into two wires, three wires, four wires, five wires, six wires, etc., among which two, three, and four wires are the most commonly used track types at present.

The 2 and 3 wires are similar, both of which are single-loop control (the lights on the same track rail can only be switched on and off uniformly, and cannot be controlled separately), the difference is that the 2-wire track rail has a built-in 1 neutral wire and 1 live wire second wire (the earth wire is generally placed outside the track rail), and the earth wire for the 3-wire track rail has become the internal design, so there are three wires of 1 neutral wire,1 live wire and 1 earth wire in the track rail. Therefore, some professional and technical personnel, in the face of special application requirements, also use the three-wire track rail earth wire as the neutral wire and transform it into two-loop to realize sub-loop control (Note: It is not recommended to modify it by yourself).

Sectional view of track, four conductors (four-wire track)


The four-wire track rail has four conductive wires( three live wires, one neutral wire) which means that the same track rail can be divided into three-loops for control. When installing with a four-wire track lights , it can realize the separate control requirements of different scenes.


For example:

There are four four-wire track lights No. 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the four-wire track rail. The No. 1 light is adjusted to the first gear, the No. 2 light is in the second gear, and the No. 3 & 4 lights are in the third gear. When you control it with 3 switches, multiple scene changes can be realized:


① Switch 1 controls lamp 1


② Switch 2 controls lamp 2


③Switch 3 controls lights 3 & 4


This is the sub-control system of the four-wire track rail.


▼Four-wire track rail scene control (switch control for different scene on the same track rail)


Five-wire and six-wire are relatively rare to use, but they are also used in some applications. They are common in DALI control systems, and two of them are used as DALI signal lines. To sum up, according to the scene control requirements, if only a single-loop is required to control the track light, then you should choose 2/3 wire track, if separate control is required, more than 4 wires are required, and if any smart control system is required, 5/6 wires should be selected.


▼Six-wire track rail