Led Recessed Ceiling Light DFB0218-C

Metis series luminaire designed with simple and elegant design concept,together with heatsink made bypure aluminum forging,perfectlyembody its stability feature under gentle appearance.38 degree cut-off angle and concave LED module are used to be anti-glare and a chieveuniform light.Carefully designed heatsink canachieve the stabilizing effect for convection conduction, which isto ensure the long lifespan of LED and stability of light output.Simple structure design canenable designers or customers replace the optional high
efficiency reflectors of different angles,in order to meet differentlighting requirements.

Features of LED Down Light

  • Different wattages available for different application .
  • Ideal for accent lighting with 15°/24°/36° beam angles and general lighting with diffuser.
  • Applicaton: Residence, shopping mall, store, office, residence, hotel, restaurant, hallway and etc

Product Details of LED Down Light