How customers are “led” by commercial lighting?

I believe everyone had the experience that, when passing by a store, went into it involuntarily; or just wanted to look around in the store, but bought a lot. Many people don’t know the reason, and they maybe realize after consumption:

Is the product in the store really so good? Are these shops really so attractive?

Maybe you are just being “led” by the lights.

Maybe you are just being “led” by the good commercial lighting.

Lighting can affect visual effects to people.

Lighting can not only illuminate space, but also affect visual effects. Below is an example to prove this.

▲Under the ordinary light, the left picture is a very lovely little girl; if a particular light is put on, it creates a terrible and gloomy atmosphere like the right picture.

Therefore, lighting can affect visual effects to people. Now let’s see how customers are “led” by commercial lighting.

Lighting brings people to enjoy the environment.

The role of commercial lighting is to enable customers to enjoy the environment and the whole process of consumption, thereby enhancing the sense of experience and satisfaction.

Lighting makes products more attractive.

Lighting can not only improve the customer experience, but also makes the products more attractive. Now let’s see how Rolex did this.

In watches’ stores, watches are usually lighted from top to bottom, with high illumination narrow beams, and large-cylindrical LED down lights. This can really show the material and details of the watches. However, there will be a lot of reflective light spots on the watches, thus affecting the customer’s purchase experience.

But in Rolex’s flagship, the reflective light will not fall on the watches by adjusting the illumination angle.

In addition, linear light is installed in the counter, and the warm color temperature is used as the background, and the cold color temperature is used as the key lighting mode.

Compared with the general clock shop with lighting mode of contrasting light and shade, this lighting solution can make a great improvement in visual effect, thereby to make the goods more attractive.


Good commercial lighting makes customers enjoy the environment and shopping experience; on the other hand, it can makes goods more attractive to customers.

When you’re stuck in a comfortable light environment and you have the idea that you’ll have to come next time, you’re already on track!