How five-star hotel rooms use lights to capture the heart of guests?

Luxurious lobby, gorgeous banquet hall and solemn conference rooms are the standard of five-star hotels. These are not the points, and the core should be the guest room, as only the guest room can leave a lasting impression on the guests. Here we would like to share how five-star hotel rooms use lights to capture the heart of guests.

☆ Comfort

Guest rooms in theme hotel are always designed with carton images, eye-catching colors and even dazzling lights to highlight personality. While for five start hotel rooms, it will integrated into the overall hotel design style, but generally speaking, the typical keynote is quiet, comfortable and luxurious with a low profile.

When you open the door and light up the room, you can feel a carefully designed five-star space.

In order to create a sense of home and warm atmosphere, low color temperature light source will be used in guest rooms. Small, thin, deep lighting fittings will be selected, as small thin lighting fittings can not destroy the smoothness of ceiling, and lighting fittings with deep built light source can avoid glare. It follows then that guests will enjoy the comfortable stay in the hotel.

☆  Low color temperature source creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere.
The bedroom area usually uses uniform downlight and linear light as general lighting. The light source is mainly 2700-3000K with illumination of 150lx. Ledoux Hepburn downlight is a choice of many five-star hotels, with 2700K or 3000K LED source, and it can make a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Bedside lamp, floor lamp and night lamp are often used in the bed area. Bedside lamp for bedtime or readying, illumination requirement need to be higher than 300lx, and must avoid glare and hand shadow.