How to Choose Beam Angle for Lights?

Ledoux bring you to know what should you consider before you choose the beam angle of the light fittings


  • Factor 1Building Type – Wide beam angle light fittings placed at the center of a room is enough for residential buildings, sinceresidential spaces need uniform illumination on a room-by-room basis. On the contrary, commercial buildings require medium to narrow-angled lamps spread over a wide ceiling space.


  • Factor 2Light Fixtures– A light fixture can be available to have several optics to fulfill different beam angle, The recessed light fixture may increase the angle, while a hanging pendant light fixture may decreases the angle.


  • Factor 3 Lighting Type– We will have various types of lights to choose in the market, generally, the ambient lights require wide beam angles, but others like accent lighting will require narrower beam angles


  • Factor 4 Ceiling Height– Higher ceilings will result in weak illumination at the floor level since light intensity reduces the distanceyou are from the source. Domestic buildings like homes or apartments often have ceilings that are 10 feet(3meters) or less. A wide-angled light will be adequate for total room coverage in such structures.